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Team Up - Our Vision and Goals

Team Up

Every company has a long story of challenges, failures, and success. And here we are, Team Up – a startup founded during Covid, now bombarding the European market with top talents from Georgia.

In 2019 Valerian Gegidze, our co-founder and CEO, moved from Tbilisi to Berlin to start a new venture, recruiting top Georgian talents for German companies. The first challenge was to introduce his homeland. People barely knew whatever Georgia was - a country, state from the USA, or a province of Russia.

Soon Valerian met a group of entrepreneurs with similar values, aims, and goals. They dedicated their resources to helping other businesses achieve their milestones and become more successful.

It’s basically how the story began. German entrepreneurs and now our partners saw the potential in Team Up and invested in it. It turned out to be a business-wise profitable decision.

What does Team Up do?

Our approach is smart and simple. We connect interesting European employers to Georgian top talents quickly, flexibly, fair, transparent, and compliant.

In Europe, there are some minor challenges that companies face during recruitment:

  • Finding talents with the required skills

  • Super long search and recruitment process

  • High costs of recruitment and employment

  • Lack of motivation and professional skills

To compare these challenges to the Georgian market, we have solutions tailored to every issue mentioned above.

hire remote teams in georgia europe

Our business model is called “Employer of Record” and consists of several milestones:

  • Finding talents based on individual requirements

  • Full Transparency

  • Recruitment based on company values

  • Competitive salaries

  • Value-driven employment

  • Compliance with GDPR

Searching and recruiting top talents from Georgia is more flexible than in Europe. First of all, we have a team that constantly looks for new talents to expand our talent pool. In addition, compared to most European countries, the population in Georgia is way less, and we can grasp the stars shining right in front of us.

As a bonus point, in Georgia, a significant part of the population speaks fluent English and, or German languages. The literacy level is 99.8% - one of the highest in Europe and the world.

And finally, the entire recruitment costs and average salaries are at least 50-75% more succinct in Georgia than in Europe. However, we offer the highest salaries on the local market for Georgian talents. So companies can hire very motivated employees, plus benefit their businesses with lower spendings and less time.

Our Vision and Goals for the Future

We trust our team and love what we do. Consequently, our talents and clients are very satisfied with our service. Team Up developed into a desirable opportunity in Georgia in less than a year, thanks to our clients, corporate culture, salary range, environment, and values.

After so many challenges, we are happy to announce that we have more than 100 sparkling talents who work all around Europe. They are ambassadors of our company and Georgia in general to illustrate our culture and values.

For the future, we want to provide the opportunity of hiring top Georgian talents for many more startups, medium businesses, and enterprises. Also, we aim to maintain our position as the number one provider of talents in Germany with flexible deadlines, transparent fees, and relevant values.


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