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What kind of work can the team members perform?

Your colleagues can perform any remote job:

  • Operations

  • Project management

  • Marketing & Design

  • Tech and BI

  • Team lead

How long does the process take?

The process of candidate search and placement takes usually around 2 weeks

How does it work?

  1. We identify the hiring needs in a meeting with you

  2. Rework the job profile based on the meeting

  3. Create different job offers

  4. We start an active talent search

  5. Screening and shortlisting

  6. Soft skills interview

  7. Assessment center

  8. Present up to 3 fitting candidates

  9. Finalize contracts

Where do you source your candidates from?

Our candidates come mostly from Georgia (the country)

What languages do the candidates speak?

Our candidates speak English and/or German. We can also provide you with the candidates with the requested language skills


Talent Success


What hardware/equipment does the employee use?

The employees can work with their own hardware. If this does not meet your requirements, you can either rent hardware from us (price list) or send your own hardware to our office in Tbilisi.

Can I hire a part-time team member and can he/she work full-time later?

This is basically possible, but please note that the employee will not necessarily be available full-time later.

Can I visit the Team members on-site?

That is possible and also recommended. Our office in Tbilisi, Georgia is at your disposal at any time for job interviews and training of employees.

How many holiday days does the colleague have in Georgia?

The law requires a minimum 24 paid vacation days per year, you can of course allow more. In addition, there are 17 public holidays in Georgia. You can choose to make employees work on public holidays.

What must be considered in case of a termination?

The trial period is a maximum of 6 months, we recommend to shorten it to 3 months. Thereafter, the notice period is 8 weeks. Excepted from this is an extraordinary termination without notice for an important reason.

Sick leave policy

In Georgia, the employer is obliged to pay the full salary during the first 40 days of consecutive sick leave, or total of 60 days during the 6 month period, after which the employer can terminate the employment contract. This makes Georgian labor code more flexible for employers compared to most EU countries.

Where do our team members work?

The colleagues work either in the home office or in our premises in Tbilisi, Georgia

How do I know if the employee is qualified enough?

We help you create the assessment center/case study to test the experience of the candidate and will present you with the top candidates for the final interview, so you are able to take the right decision

Talent Success

Payroll and benefits


Do I have full transparency?

Yes, you negotiate salary and raises directly with your team member

How do I pay my new colleagues?

We set up a SEPA mandate for the salaries, you can choose to pay the remuneration at the end of the month by invoice, at the latest on the 5th day of the following month, for this we charge a surcharge of 5%.

Do I need to provide health insurance?

By Georgian law, it is not mandatory to provide the employees with insurance, but we recommend to the insurance (around 30 €/ month) to your team’s benefits package to increase their motivation

What other perks can I give my colleagues?

We will try to make everything possible. We already have Gym contracts and telephone schemes available, but if you have another idea in mind do let us know!

Do you offer managed service and payrolling?

Yes, we do the handling of salary & benefits e.g. gym, phone, etc.

What salary should I pay?

It depends on the role and seniority level of the candidate, you can start as little as 500€ a month for the junior position

Payroll and benfits

Payment and compliance


Do I have to pay VAT?

No, you do not have to pay VAT

Do I have to pay EU social security contributions?


No, the provisions of the SGB only apply to people who have their place of residence or habitual abode in the EU (§3 SGB IV). In this respect, the Georgian and not the EU legal provisions apply. (Principle of territoriality)

What are the incidental wage costs?

Since the Georgian pension reform came into force, there has been an additional, capital-supported pension scheme in addition to basic state security. Participation is compulsory for all employees under 40 years of age. As a Georgian employer, we are obliged to pay 2% of the gross wage to the state pension agency. The costs for this are already included in our wage calculation.

Who pays the wage TAX?

In Georgia, as in Europe, the wage tax is a withholding tax. This means that our Georgian company has to pay wage tax directly to the tax office. The costs for this are already included in the hourly rate. There are no additional costs for you. Incidentally, the wage tax is always 20% (flat tax). There is no progression, no allowances, and no tax brackets.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a proper invoice with all mandatory information required in Europe. Your tax advisor will love us.

What must be considered with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Our agreements and appendixes we provide you to give you the basis for GDPR compliance. You must also ensure that the data protection level prescribed by the GDPR is adhered to by your new colleagues. We can help to train them.

Do I have to take care of income taxes?

Salaries and income tax must be paid in the local currency, GEL. Of course, we will do it for you. The costs for this are already included in our calculation

Payment and compliance
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