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Below, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about recruitment, benefits, payroll, and considerations involved in recruiting top talents from the Caucasus

  • How long does the process take?
    The process of candidate search and placement takes usually around 2 to 4 weeks
  • How does it work?
    We identify the hiring needs in a meeting with you Rework the job profile based on your requirements Circulate an offer with the job details and expected monthly salary range for your signature Publish the job and start searching Screen and shortlist Conduct interviews Arrange an assessment center (optional) Present up to 3 fitting candidates Coordinate video interviews with you and the candidates. You choose the one you like the most We arrange contracting Set-up the Talent for onboarding on the joining date
  • Where do you source your candidates from?
    We source the candidates from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and other regional countries.
  • What languages do the candidates speak?
    Our candidates speak English and/or German. We can also provide you with candidates with the requested language skills.
  • What roles can you source?
    We can source almost any roles which can be performed remotely: Operations Project management Marketing & Design Tech and BI Team lead
  • How do I know if the employee is qualified enough?
    We use our own or help you to create the assessment center/case study to test the experience of the candidate, we will create the candidate evaluation form which highlights the comparisons of the candidates necessary skills and will present you with the top candidates for the final interview, so you are able to make the right decision
  • Where do our team members work?
    Talents work either at home or in our office in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • What hardware/equipment does the employee use?
    The employees can work with their personal hardware if available, if not, you can either lease hardware from us (I5 - EUR 69 per month or I7 - EUR 79) or send your own hardware to our office in Tbilisi.
  • Can I hire a part-time team member and can he/she work full-time later?
    This is basically possible, but please note that the employee will not necessarily be available full-time later.
  • Can I visit the Team members on-site?
    That is possible and also recommended. Our office in Tbilisi, Georgia is at your disposal at any time for job interviews and training of employees.
  • What is the legal minimum paid holiday entitlement per year in Georgia?
    The minimum paid holiday entitlement per local labor code is 24 days per year. In addition, there are 17 public holidays per year. Working on public holidays can be individually negotiated with the employees. In this case, a 20% surcharge to the base salary is applied.
  • What must be considered in case of termination?
    The maximum allowed probation period is 6 months, we recommend shortening it to 3 months. Thereafter, the notice period is 1 month, and termination settlement of 1 monthly gross salary an exception is the case of gross violation of the agreement terms, where the contract can be terminated with 3 day notice period.
  • Do you offer managed service and payrolling?
    Yes, we handle all the payroll and benefits processes such as salary & benefits e.g. gym, phone, etc.
  • What are the salary ranges in Georgia?
    It depends on the role and seniority level of the candidate, you can start as little as 500€ a month for the junior position.
  • Do I need to provide health insurance?
    Georgian law does not oblige companies to provide the employees with health insurance, but we insure all our employees and cost is included in the offered salary.
  • What other perks can I give my colleagues?
    We will try to make everything possible. It can be a GYM membership, phone allowance, self development trainings etc. If you have another idea in mind do let us know!
  • What is the security deposit for?
    At the beginning of the term of a contract, the Client shall make an advance payment in the amount of expected monthly service amount. A monthly amount is considered a security deposit and is kept until the end of the term of the Individual Agreement, after which it is offset and/or paid out in full or in part. With the security deposit we ensure the timely payments to your team members in case of the delay in the payment from you or your bank.
  • Do I need to pay anything if I do not contract your proposed candidates?
    You don’t have to pay anything if you decide not to contract our presented candidates.
  • What must be considered with regard to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
    Our agreements and appendixes give you the basis for GDPR compliance. You must also ensure that the data protection level prescribed by the GDPR is adhered to by your new colleagues. We can help to train them.
  • Do I have to worry about the income tax?
    No. Salaries and income tax must be paid in the local currency - GEL. Of course we will do that for you. All the applicable local taxes are paid by us and this costs are already included in our calculation.
  • Is the VAT applicable to the invoiced amounts?
    No, you do not have to pay VAT
  • Do I have to pay German social security contributions?
    No, the provisions of the SGB only apply to people who have their place of residence or habitual abode in the Federal Republic of Germany (§3 SGB IV). In this respect, the Georgian and not the German legal provisions apply. (Principle of territoriality)
  • What are the incidental wage costs?
    Since the Georgian pension reform came into force, there has been an additional, capital-supported pension scheme in addition to basic state security. Participation is compulsory for all employees under 40 years of age. As a Georgian employer, we are obliged to pay 2% of the gross wage to the state pension agency. The costs for this are already included in our wage calculation.
  • Who pays the personal income (wage) TAX and how?
    In Georgia, as in Germany, the personal income (wage) tax is a withholding tax. This means that our Georgian company has to pay this tax directly to the tax office. The costs for this are already included in the monthly rate. There are no additional costs for you. Incidentally, the wage tax is always 20% (flat tax). There is no progression, no allowances, and no tax brackets.
  • How should I pay for the services?
    At the end of each month, you will be invoiced for the monthly service and the invoice will include all the necessary information. Invoices are due within 5 working days after receiving them. Invoices can be paid via IBAN bank transfer.
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