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5 Popular Questions About Hiring Talents From Georgia

5 Popular Questions About Recruiting Talents From Georgia

The team defines who you are and what you can achieve in the future. Some employees make changes in a week and others in a day. Consequently, it is crucial to find the best candidates for your open positions and recruit talents who meet your business needs.

Recruiting talents from all around the world is an increasing tendency among many companies. Demand is very high when it comes to Georgia, a country located in the Caucasus region.

You might have already heard of Georgian ancient winemaking traditions, folk music sent to space, or ancient human artifacts dated 1.8 million years. But did you know that Georgian talents can benefit your business and provide the most reliable assistance?

We Georgians are from a tiny ex-soviet county, so we know a lot about transforming challenges into opportunities.

When it comes to recruiting talents from Georgia, we get asked many different questions. We decided to answer the most popular ones:

1. What are the costs of hiring talents from Georgia?

Recruiting Georgian talents costs 50-75% less compared to most countries from Europe.

The average salary in Georgia is 319 Euros while in Germany it is 2913 Euros and 2664 Euros in the UK. When it comes to the top talents, they usually get at least 3 times more than the average salary, but it is still not much compared to other European countries.

That is why more and more Georgian talents try to go global, learn foreign languages, and level up their skills. We aim to help them find suitable job positions and companies to recruit talents with nominal fees compared to Europe. In short, make both sides satisfied.

2. How Long does it take to recruit talents from Georgia?

Across the EU, the average time to hire suitable candidates is around 10-12 weeks. In addition, pre-notice periods last between 1-3 months, sometimes even more, when it comes to seniority level positions and the local labor code. Consequently, when you hire a new employee, you better be assured that it is a long-term commitment or you waste an enormous amount of time and resources.

When it comes to hiring talents from Georgia, we have a very different scenario here and you need about 2-4 weeks. Plus, we reduce administrative complexity and take care of the recruiting process, creating tests, scheduling interviews, and everything in between.

How Long does it take to recruit talents from Georgia

3. Why are Georgian talents beneficial for European companies?

People in Georgia are very skilled and motivated. Based on statistics, the youth literacy rate in Georgia is 99.8%. It means that almost everyone gets an education and invests in personal development. Over 90% of our population has at least secondary education. There are more than 50 higher education institutions and over 150 language centers in Georgia.

Consequently, the Georgian workforce is highly educated and open to new challenges. They are very dedicated when it comes to tasks boring to many. Our talents seek opportunities and can provide high-quality assistance.

4. Is the Georgian labor code compatible with the European one?

If you want to hire talents from abroad, you should consider that some countries have different laws and codes. Hiring and recruiting law is way less complicated in Georgia compared to Europe.

A small country not rich with natural resources (oil/gas/minerals), Georgia has been highly dependent on the service sector. Thus through past years, bureaucratic levels have been eased by simply eliminating dozens of regulations to speed up the process and boost the easiness of doing business.

One of the advantages for our clients is that they can get the service of European quality in a small amount of time, thanks to law administrative complexity.

We invest a lot of resources to consider the local labor codes of our clients and prepare contracts in compliance with GDPR and other international data protection regulations too.

hire talents for Europe

5. How can we find the most suitable talents for our company?

Like the other great things in life, finding top talents from Georgia is not easy, but that's what we are good at. First of all, the demand for professionals is very high inside the country. Plus, we tend to find candidates who speak fluent English or German and have university degrees or professional education.

We take care of the entire recruitment process from the very beginning. And it goes like this:

  • Identifying work specifics and job description

  • Searching for an ideal candidate from our talent pool

  • Searching for other options through our well-built network of local communities, top university Alumni’s and other recruitment channels

  • Shortlisting of candidates

  • Sending foreign languages tests based on the requirements of clients

  • Recording video interview

  • Conducting assessment center sent by our client or created by us

  • Job offer

The recruiting process is complicated but does not take more than 2-4 weeks. We make sure to simplify it as much as possible but also consider clients' needs and requirements.

It is why Team Up, set up in 2020, now has more than 100 satisfied talents and ongoing projects all around Europe.

As a conclusion

Hiring people from Georgia can be beneficial for companies as well as for talents. To start with, costs are low compared to Europe, but the workforce is more motivated, dedicated, and goal-oriented.

In addition, the entire recruitment lasts 2-4 weeks, and we make contracts compliant with international law & GDPR.

And finally, while you focus on your business goals and achieve your milestones, we can search for talents and provide the best candidates to help you.


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