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Hiring International Teams and Why We Need To Embrace Diversity

When life gives you a global pandemic and the latest technology, you should hire international teams.

Hiring International Teams and Why We Need To Embrace Diversity

2 trends - hiring International teams and creating more diverse workplaces are becoming super popular after a global pandemic. Well, since the working-from-anywhere approach changed a lot in the modern workplace, it encouraged the increasing number of international business collaborations, plus recruiting talents with diverse skills and expertise.

Since everyone is talking about the benefits of diversity at the workplace, maybe we should take it upon ourselves to underline the challenges that come with international team sourcing and management.

There are 3 challenges that all managers may face when hiring international teams.

1. Language Barrier

One of the most common challenges is the language barrier. Different work languages can make communication difficult, generate misunderstandings and lead to delays in work completion.

In addition, it is not uncommon for an international team to be split up into subgroups, with each speaking their language, which makes it difficult for them to collaborate on tasks.

Hiring employees who speak the same language, e.g. English will ensure there are no communication difficulties between team members. For example, we build teams in Georgia, where 75% of the young generation speaks English fluently. Other European languages are quite popular as well, like German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.

Language barriers can also be solved by providing online or offline team-building activities for all employees, so they can communicate effectively with each other.

2. Cultural Differences

The second challenge is cultural differences, which can be solved by adapting the company culture to the team's needs and priorities.

Cultural differences between team members may create conflicts within the team because they require different habits and ways of doing things to reach their goals or complete tasks. For example, in some cultures, people take a two-hour nap at midday, while others prefer not to stop work to eat lunch; they finish by 4 PM.

Georgian culture is pretty similar to the European one. Our talents have the same values and mindset as other European professionals in terms of hard work, skills, and eagerness to learn fast.

3. Different Time Zones

Another major obstacle is time zone differences. Hiring international teams can be a challenge because of the time difference. Sometimes different time zones make it difficult for team members to find the right time to work on something together. It also adds pressure by imposing unrealistic expectations of how early or late people should complete the tasks.

One way to overcome this challenge is to offer your employees flexible working hours. Another way is to work with up-to-date tools to support remote working for such scenarios.

Team up provides the opportunity to work remotely from Georgia. It's located in the GMT+4 time zone so there's not much of a difference when it comes to team collaboration and working hours, which is nice.

What are the Best Practices for Managing an International Team?

There are many challenges when managing an international team. That's why it is important to have a good understanding of the best practices that will help you in this task.

The first thing that you need to do is to create a culture of trust and respect. It's important for your team members to feel like they are part of the company, not just employees who work for it.

Another key point is communication. You should be clear about what each person’s responsibilities are and how they fit into the bigger picture.

You should also make sure that your team members know how they can communicate with each other if there are any problems or issues that arise during the day or week.

And finally, don't forget regular check-ins to make sure everyone is doing just fine.

How to Find the Right Talent for Your Business or Project?

We need to dedicate an entire paragraph to challenges associated with hiring international talents. It, of course, contains the ones we mentioned before, not including super complex local labor codes and many other obstacles.

Searching, recruiting, and onboarding international candidates usually take 6 weeks if not several months without the right contacts.

By the way, that's what we are good at

Team Up offers European companies to find talented, skilled, and experienced individuals working remotely from Georgia. The entire process takes 2-4 weeks, plus we look for candidates based on individual requirements.

The best thing is that you can and should keep your company management, processes, and culture, while we help you administrate tasks like monthly payments, hardware, and benefits and support you with keeping your talents motivated and happy.

Super cool community with 60 + members, regular meet-ups, extravagant events, educational sessions, and regular check-ins is on us.

We offer the service of scaling up fastly and as cost-efficiently as possible because recruiting new employees with Team Up costs up to 50% less than what'd pay in Europe.

You can either check our webpage or click the button to book a free consultation to learn more. We'll be more than happy to help you expand internationally.


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