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Hacking HR Episode 1 - Thomas Kriebernegg, App Radar

Thomas Kriebernegg - modern recruitment

In today's interview, we met Thomas Kriebernegg, the managing director and co-founder of App Radar.

Working hybrid and having team members from all around the world, App Radar is one of the best app marketing agencies from Graz, Austria.

With Thomas, we have discussed modern recruitment and how the Austrian market is coping with the rising trends of new work.


- What work style do you have at App Radar? Are you on-site, remote, or hybrid?

So, in terms of our work style, I would describe it as a hybrid approach. We have our headquarters located in Austria, specifically in Graz. Some of our team members are based here and come into the office, usually around 3 to 4 days a week.

However, we also collaborate with freelancers, supporters, and team members from all around the world.

For instance, we have valuable partnerships with talented professionals from Georgia who work for App Rader.

This means we operate with a hybrid model, maintaining a centralized office while also having a globally distributed team.

- can you share a hack for optimizing a hybrid work style?

My hack lies in communication - there can never be too much communication, only too little.

This means that internally at App Radar, every team member is well-connected, and we primarily use Slack as our main platform for exchanging information. I would say that practically everyone is online, which is great.

On one hand, we leverage this connectivity, and on the other hand, within the teams, we hold weekly, and sometimes even daily, meetings where team members come together to share their experiences, discuss their current projects, seek assistance, or ensure that everything is progressing smoothly.


- What is your management style like and how do you improve it on a daily basis working with so many people in a hybrid style?

In terms of our management style, our approach is to delegate as much responsibility as possible to our team members. We've found that this approach works very well in terms of that they are getting better in their job as well as taking over responsibilities.

We are giving goals and setting the direction of what we're expecting everybody from the team to deliver. However, if there are questions along the way, obviously then we are here to help and try to support as well as possible.

- Can you share one people management hack?

My management hack for over the years is the way I hold meetings. First of all, I send out an agenda before the meeting, so that people can prepare in advance and understand its purpose.

This not only saves time but also helps to set the focus. Having done this for many years, documentation is also crucial because it helps keep track of what was discussed, and the next steps, and allows you to revisit the information if needed.


- What HR trends are currently on the rise in Austria? Are you following these trends, and if yes, what advice would you give to other companies to prepare for the future of work that is happening now?

There's fierce competition for specialized talent - you could almost call it a highly competitive market. Well, I'm not sure if this is limited to Austria, but I'd assume it's a global trend.

For instance, if you're a skilled programmer with a few years of experience, finding a job in Austria is incredibly easy because there are more job opportunities than people with those specific skills. This holds true for marketing as well.

If you're highly proficient in online marketing, it's also relatively easy to secure a job here in Austria. In fact, I think this is a prevalent situation in most countries around the world.

One of our significant early investments has been in targeting a younger audience, those who are nearing the end of their studies. They tend to be highly motivated, driven individuals eager to learn and try new things.

The younger generation is a fantastic target audience for us. To reach them, we engage in activities such as giving lectures at universities, participating in events, and networking to get to know them.

We also strive to position App Rader as an attractive and cool startup in Graz. This reputation makes it easier for people to know us and, in turn, makes talent acquisition more straightforward.

Additionally, we've extended our search for talent beyond Graz and Austria, working with partners like Team Up to connect with exceptional talent even internationally.

Thomas Kriebernegg & Mariam Giunashvili

- You partially already answered my next question, which is how do you hack the recruitment process, and what's your key to success? From our conversation, I figured out you're trying to target more Gen Z who are just starting their careers, but maybe there's something else as well.

Yes, exactly.

Our approach is a combination of relying on inbound applications when we post a new job position.

I would say it depends on the position, obviously. When we are looking to fill more senior roles within the company, we aim to find candidates with extensive experience in their specific niche or area of expertise.

Additionally, we make significant efforts to tap into our network and, I would say, even engage in a bit of headhunting. This involves identifying talented individuals connected to our network, seeking recommendations, requesting introductions, and leveraging these connections as a valuable channel for talent acquisition.

Work Culture

- What's your hack to support work-life balance for your employees, and do you think this has become the trend in recent years to support your employees?

Yes, having a work-life balance is a global trend, however, it can be a bit challenging due to our hybrid structure.

I believe that when there is a strong sense of connection to the team and the company, work doesn't feel like a burden - it can be enjoyable and fun. It's about doing something you love with other fantastic people, and that's what we aim to establish.

To provide such connections, in Graz, we actively organize offline events, including team gatherings and department-wise activities, even company-wide parties, particularly during the summer.

These events bring people together and create a pleasant atmosphere for conversations that go beyond work topics. While it's common for work-related discussions to come up when people gather, I believe that's perfectly fine.

For remote team members, we make concerted efforts to include them as much as possible in meetings, ensuring they feel part of the team.

- Do you manage to maintain a work-life balance yourself and how do you achieve it as a manager and co-founder of App Radar?

That's a great question. I'd say it comes in waves - our workload is quite dependent on our customers. For instance, when they're on vacation, we tend to have a bit less to do. During the summer, I can take some time to recharge my batteries.

However, I'm already feeling the increase in workload as we approach the end of the year. We're in the fourth quarter, so things are getting busier, but I think that's just part of the job.

I wouldn't say I like everything about my job, as there are certain tasks I must do, but I believe that's the case for everyone in their job. I must admit that I genuinely enjoy the majority of my work. One of the advantages of founding your own company is that you have more control over how your job looks.

About App Radar

App Radar enables best-practice marketing for all businesses with apps. It empowers app marketers to reach more users through organic and paid user acquisition, by combining simple analytics and standardized marketing workflows.

In addition to ASO, the company offers Apple Search Ads services. Using their large dataset and App Store insights they provide clients with the best ASA services, executing campaigns and producing proven results.

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