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Team Up connects top talents from the Caucasus region and interesting European companies, fast, flexible, fair transparent, and compliant with GDPR

Our Story

After the first Covid outbreak, considering the future of work has become increasingly crucial. At the beginning of 2020, Georgian and German entrepreneurs met in Berlin and created a solution for the new world's challenges. That’s how Team Up was established.

In 2024, we operate in 6 countries offering more than 40 positions to more than 30 clients worldwide, and have around 150 talents under our management. We work daily to grow and offer you the best HR services across the EU.

Team Up Trusted team with satisfied cliend

Trusted team with Satisfied Clients

1000+ Talents working across Europe

100+ Talents working across Europe

Team Up Team


Creating a future of remote work by connecting the best European companies and top talents.


Connecting employers with employees fast, flexible, fair, transparent, and compliant.

Building a top talent community in the Caucasus.

The Pillars of Team Up's Success

Guided by principles that ensure excellence, we foster connections that are strong, ethical and efficient

Meet the Team 

Meet our diverse team of Georgians and Germans, uniting to build a business grounded in European values

Centrally Located

Team Up Map

Berlin, Germany

Schumannstraße 17, 10117 Berlin

+49-69 34869157

Tbilisi, Georgia

12b K. Stanislavski St. Tbilisi,
+995 597 71 38 83

Available online and with offices in Georgia and Germany, we're here

whenever you need us

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