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Middle professional with 2 years of experience in the marketing field, primarily within the hospitality sector. Excelled at developing and enhancing a hotel's app and website, analysis, performance optimization, and data-driven decision-making. Skilled to create detailed marketing reports and employ data to shape strategic decision-making. Fluent in both German and English. Proficiency extends to the use of tools such as Adobe Illustrator, IBM SPSS Statistics, Adobe Photoshop, as well as competencies in Brand Strategy, Trello, Miro, G-suite, and Microsoft Office. Proficient in leading market research initiatives to drive product innovation and strategically executing impactful content marketing campaigns across diverse platforms, ultimately elevating brand visibility and enhancing customer engagement.



Head of Marketing
Aug 2021 - Present
● Devised impactful communication strategies for brand visibility and audience engagement
● Developed and enhanced the hotel's app and website, ensuring seamless execution and an optimal user experience
● Analyzed analytics data to gain insights, optimize performance, and inform data-driven decision-making
● Generated comprehensive marketing reports, effectively leveraging data for strategic decisions
● Ensured meticulous brand consistency in merchandising and maintenance
● Collaborated with the production team to create captivating content
● Orchestrated impactful content marketing campaigns across various platforms to boost brand visibility and enhance customer engagement
● Spearheaded strategic planning, delivering insightful reports to the board to align with organizational objectives
● Developed strategic brand partnerships with relevant companies, adhering to brand strategy guidelines
● Led market research efforts to assess product viability and drive continuous innovation

● Monitored competition and managed digital campaigns
● Planned, organized, and oversaw all graphical materials production for the hotel, ensuring the right assets were in place for media, digital, and collateral use

Product Marketing Manager
Apr 2021 - Jul 2021
Advertising Services
● Maintaining consistent brand messaging throughout all platfrorms
● Ensuring that marketing and communications efforts adhere to agreed timelines
● Reviewing and optimising the design and content of customers social media channels


BBA in Marketing
Caucasus University
Aug 2019 - Jul 2023 Tbilisi Georiga

Global Business Program
FH Joanneum
2021 - 2022 Graz, Austria

Marketing Manager

    • English - C1
    • German - C1
    • Russian-B2
    • Gerogian -Native
    • Spanish-A2
  • ● Adobe Ilustrator ● IBM SPSS Statisstics ● Adobe Photoshop ● Brand Strategy ● Trello ● Miro ● G-suite ● Microsoft office ● Startegic planning ● Analysis ● Market research ● Reporting

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