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Covid-19 Outbreak - Recruitment and Career Opportunities

Covid-19 Outbreak - Recruitment and Career Opportunities

Almost a month and a half before 2022, and we barely remember life before the Covid outbreak. The virus had an enormous impact on every aspect of our lives, and recruitment was no exception. In 2019 nobody would have imagined video handshakes, Zoom team buildings, and recruitment interviews in our pajama pants.

As you landed on our webpage, you might know a thing or two about Team Up. We are the number one Georgian company that connects local talents to the top European companies. We founded Team Up in 2020, so Covid was a challenge from day 1.

Career opportunities during Covid-19

According to the Office for National Statistics, from January to March 2021, due to restrictions, the unemployment rate was 4.8%. It means that one of 20 people who wanted to find a job could not find it.

The most demanding sectors with the most open positions became health, scientific and retail businesses. Additionally, more and more technologies get involved in the working process to assure safety, effective communication, etc.

Some companies started to adjust to this new reality and become fully remote. However, the process was not easy. Big enterprises like Yahoo, had already observed that in generations, many employees would choose to work from home, so they were prepared before the Covid-19 outbreak even happened.

Prepared or not, companies started looking for talents worldwide. Due to restrictions and global lockdowns, offices were closed, so employees could work from anywhere as long as they demonstrated hard work and dedication.

Our experience of recruitment

We think that the future of work is remote and so is recruitment. Based on the latest statistics, 58% of recruiters nowadays use social media networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram to find potential candidates for their open positions.

Recruiters also have a wide range of Ai tools to automatically scan resumes using key insights and information.

recruitment of team up experience of recruitment

We tested out several technological approaches ourselves. As long as we are a fully remote company, we decided to adopt advanced tools to recruit talents and make the process less stressful but more comfortable.

The method we utilize is one-way video interviews. It is not our invention but a very new approach to the Georgian market today. We optimized our internal resources and developed a comfortable system for our talents to upload videos directly in our base. Consequently, we can interview more than 20 candidates per day and provide a pleasant experience for everyone.

As a conclusion

Now in 2021 Globalization is more real than ever. During Covid-19 recruitment shifted from real life to online. The office is an important meeting and working place, but it will never again be the only place. Accordingly, companies started to hire people from anywhere, as they can reach talents working on the other side of the world.

We think that in the future demand for Georgian talents will rise even more. Team Up wants to provide that opportunity for local talents and help them work on global projects. To do so, we adopt new tools and advanced technology.


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