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We build customised digital teams for European companies in operations, marketing and design

We Build teams

Trusted clients and partners

Market problem

Our solution


Lack of access to talent with required skills

Well educated, skilled people from Georgia (country)  who speak good English and other European languages


Lengthy search and recruitment processes

Search,  recruitment and onboarding 

under 1 month


High costs of employment

50-75% less than in Europe


Lack of motivation and churn, especially in “common” roles 

Value driven employment and good work ethics

What makes us different

Recruiting & onboarding

Search by company requirements

Recruiting & onboarding

Search by company requirements

Talent success 

Talent success 

Talent success 

Talent success 

Our focus: Ecommerce, Marketing, and Design

Our focus is Ecommerce, Marketing and tech

We’re focused on building specialized teams for digital business models. Whether you are looking for one specialist role, the extension of an existing team or scaling up a team from 5 to 20 people we have experience in it.

Our talent success managers have worked several years in the industry and know how to identify matching candidates.

Our typical roles are in the area of:



starting at

gross salary/month*

Motivated operation managers e.g. in customer success, accounting or data entry roles

Project Management